Fruit Processing

The most important steps involved in processing of juices and beverages are:

  • Selection and preparation of fruits
  • Extraction of Juices
  • Straining, Filtration and clarification
  • Blending Pasteurisation.
  • Filling, Sealing and sterilization
  • Cooling, Labelling and Packing

For Juice Concentration, vacuum evaporation is another step in fruit processing line. The final concentrate can be filled in aseptic bags in drums for export purposes.Clear Juices can be formulated, blended and spray dried at best conditions to convert them into readily soluble powders.

DK Engineering Offers Multiple Fruit Processing Plant For Production of Juices/Pulps;Apple,Pineapple,Mango,Tomato,Papaya,Guava,Berry,Grapes,Oranges,Lemon

Fruit juice / beverages processing machinery

Fruit Juices are made from fruit pulp/concentrate Artificial sugar may or may not be added to the juice extracted.
The sugar syrup is prepared first in jacketed mixing tank and then it is mixed with fruit pulp, water along with other ingredients like flavor, color, preservatives etc. in the other mixing tank.This mixture is pasteurized to remove any microbial growth from it and later on homogenized to prepare a uniform blend of juice.



Pasteurizer                                                   Wash Trough


Complete Juice Plant Installed By DK Engineering