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About Us


Brief history about DK Engineering

DK Engineering Ltd is a reputable, well- established solution provider for food processing products and service support. Established in 1986, the company has a track record of successfully supplying machines to scores of industries within and across regional markets. At DK Engineering, our goal and commitment is to achieve a high-level customer satisfaction by developing quality products. We pride ourselves in the best customer support and after sales service provision around the clock. Founded in 1986 as a service, repair and maintenance business, we later advanced to making baking tins and trays and soon started fabricating deck ovens. The company eventually expanded its market seeking out other food processors and diversified into a food processing company. As at to-date, D.K Engineering provides equipment for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, institutions, juice processors, fruit and vegetable processors, honey processors, flour millers among others. We also do fabrication and engineering works.

Managing Director

Leonard Njoroge

Operations Director

Daniel Kirori

Maintenance Director

Jonathan Mbachu

Sales Director

Josphat Gitau

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