Fruit and Vegetable Processing

Dried Vegetable Processing

Processing can transform vegetables from perishable produce into stable foods with long shelf lives and thereby aid in the global transportation and distribution of many varieties of vegetables. The goal of processing is to deter microbial spoilage and the natural physiology of the plant cells. Generally, the techniques include blanching, dehydrating, canning, freezing, fermenting and pickling, and irradiating. For these processes, we make available to you Rotary washers, blanching units, universal mills, hot air dryers, potato crisp makers, vegetable slicers etc.


Nut Processing

Over the years, nuts processing has been made easy, and we bring closer to you the best machinery for just that. We offer equipment to aid in storage, drying of nuts cleaning and destoning, shelling, gauging, sorting and packaging systems, Hot air-dry roasting and infrared rays roasting process, chopping plants among others.

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