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    Baking is an art. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a master baker or a focused business person. Everyone likes to do things their own way, however to sustain yourself strongly in the baking industry now and into the future one has to be ready to adopt momentous change to keep up with the times. Eating habits keep changing and there are niche markets to be won. We supply equipment that match the current trends in the industry for our clients to produce quality products for self-consumption and their various customers. . We supply homes, small enterprises to large enterprises across the region.

    Complete Baking Solutions

    DK Engineering offers complete baking solutions that include everything you need to run a successful bakery.


    Other Products

    Among the bakery equipment we offer include Rack ovens, Provers, Dough mixers, Weighing Scales, Work Tables, Bread Slicers, Cooling Racks, Baking Trays, Baking Tins, all manufactured by our renowned partners, installed and serviced by DK Engineering

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