Popped maize, sorghum, wheat, millet, rice

Popping cereals is the new niche in Kenya. Instead of the usual way of consuming cereals by either boiling or milling them, most people are now eating them popped. Popped rice, maize, millet, wheat and sorghum are now available in the local market. This a more healthy and nutritious way of consuming cereals.

D.K Engineering has partnered with Bioversity International in collaboration with Japan Association for International Collaboration of Agriculture and Forestry (JAICAF) in developing the technology of puff cereals (popped cereals) as part of the activities of local production for local consumption contributing to nutritional improvement.

Pop cereal technology offers the following advantages:

·         Generates a new income source for farmers

·         Intake of a variety of nutrients from different cereals regardless of the season

·         Value addition of cereals

·         Popped cereals have a longer shelf life

A business owner in Embu is one of the people who purchased the cereal pop machine and is already in business. He went through training with Bioversity International where he learnt the different pressures required to pop different cereals and he’s thriving in this business that is still new in the Kenyan market.

The pop cereal machine is fabricated at D.K Engineering at an introductory cost of Ksh. 120,000.00.

D.K Engineering, “Everything we do is driven by you.”

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